(new) Made in KOREA led face mask light therapy led mask red light IR photon skin rejuvenation

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LED Photon Light Emitted Therapy Facial Mask Skin Rejuvenation


Brand:sollume esthe



Basic Function
LED light therapy is a skin treatment with many benefits. Depending on the color of light selected; light therapy devices and treatments can target signs of aging and help prevent acne. Light therapy uses low-energy infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin. This type of light is non-damaging to the skin and helps skin cells regenerate.

Types of light therapy masks

There are several types of light therapy masks available to treat skin ailments. Different lights can target different problems. The two main options are red light and blue light therapy.
Red light therapy (630nm)
Red light therapy is a useful tool for reducing redness and inflammation and is helpful for diminishing the signs of aging. The particular red light wavelengths are able to target deep layers of skin and help encourage regrowth of tissues like collagen and skin cells.
Blue light therapy (470nm)
Blue light has been found to be an effective treatment method for acne; as it has the ability to kill bacteria that clogs pores and negatively affects the skin.
Blue light penetrates deeper than regular topical acne treatments to get at the bacteria that actually causes pimples. It's a great way to prevent spots from appearing in the first place.

Combined light therapy
Some at-home light therapy options will allow the user to treat their skin using both red and blue light. Blue light can help prevent pimples from forming since it banishes bacteria while red light can minimize redness caused by acne and pimples.




Q. Are there any harmful side effects to using a light therapy mask?
A. In general; no. But if you suffer from certain diseases; including diabetes; lupus; migraine; and skin cancer; you should avoid light therapy. Certain medications also prohibit the use of light therapy. Consult your doctor if you have any questions or doubts.
Q. What's the advantage of using light therapy over topical treatments?
A. Using light therapy to treat skin ailments produces less skin irritation compared to topical treatments. Light therapy is also mess-free since there's no need to apply creams or gels on the skin.
Q. Is this type of device a useful treatment for cystic acne?
A. No. Light therapy will not be able to treat cystic acne; but it may help with the inflammation and redness that accompanies this skin problem.
Q. If it's not using UV light; what kind of light is being emitted?
A. The light used in light therapy products is LED light.
Q. Can the light therapy mask burn my skin?
A. No. A light therapy mask cannot burn your skin. The light is just not powerful enough to do so. However; you should take precautions to protect your delicate eyes when wearing a light therapy mask.
Q. When will I start to see visible results?
A. It depends on the person. Results could become apparent within a week; but it may take longer. Remember that using a light therapy device isn't a cure-all. You still need to take care of your skin in between treatments.


How to use a light therapy mask
1.Plug it and power on the device.
2.Fix the conductive electrode to the PCB terminal strong as picture shows; otherwise you can’t feel current stimulation completely from the electrode. (Optional)
3.Make sure to wash your face before starting a session with your mask.
4.Wear the mask for approximately 15 minutes.
5.Every week 2~3 times use is suggested to help keep breakouts and other skin irritation at bay.


product composition:
1. Instrument host (mask instrument; remote control)
2. Wear the frame
3.USB charging cable
4. A copy of the manual
5. A pair of ear protectors.



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(new) Made in KOREA led face mask light therapy led mask red light IR photon skin rejuvenation

Regular price $0.00 $73.27